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Why The Asian Way?
March 23rd, 2007 by Motoo Y. | Posted in Philosophy | No Comment

Senior-junior relationship seems to mean something completely different here in the U.S. than it does in Asia (or rather, I should say in Japan, since that’s where I am from and know well). … (more)

The Forgotten Art of Martial Arts
September 22nd, 2006 by Ryan V. | Posted in Philosophy | 1 Comment

The connotation that comes along with the phrase “martial art” has changed dramatically from its creation to what it is present day.

… (more)

Why Does Everyone Want to Be a Black Belt?
August 23rd, 2006 by aika | Posted in Philosophy | 5 Comments

When people — and by this, I mean people in general, most of who are non-martial artists — talk of martial arts, it is often said as if there are only black belts in this world. In their eyes, either color belts don’t exist, or they simply are not important enough to even be given consideration. What is wrong with this? There are more color belt holders than black belt holders in any martial art, aren’t there? … (more)