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August 22nd, 2006 by admin | View Comments

Please leave any feedback you may have regarding the column section, or the entire LVTKD site below. The information would help us improve the site to be even better.

If you have question regarding Lehigh Valley Taekwondo school, you can go to this page to ensure that you get your question answered.


2: "Joe Jurianto" says:

I used to train with Master Lee when I was attending Lehigh University (1999-ish). Every time I trained, I was asked (more like ordered :) ) by Master Lee to stay after class and trained with the black belts. It was an ultimate honor for me that Master Lee allowed me to train with the black belts regularly.

What I finally understand is not how to execute perfect Tae Kwon Do techniques, but in the end, training with Master Lee taught me about life itself and what hard working means. He kept pushing me more and more every day, and it becomes a habit now to always better myself every day.

In the end, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Master Lee and fellow students who were so welcoming to me. I felt like at home whenever I attended the classes. I still practice the lesson Master Lee taught me.

Utmost respect and gratitude,
(From Indonesia)

1: "Oliver Wong" says:

Do you have Deuk’s number?


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